How to Avoid the Recurrence of Chlamydia?

Author: John
Time: 2015/11/9 14:35:50

Sexual transmission is the main reason for chlamydia in women. Also the disease can be caused by hands, eyes, polluted clothes of patients who already got infected and indirect transmission of instruments. Chlamydia in women can lead to ectopic pregnancy, abortion, stillbirth and death of the new born. Except for infertility, patients may have no symptom. Babies can get infected through the birth canal and get conjunctivitis,  rhinitis , otitis, pneumonia and vulvovaginitis. Once got cured, you will never want to experience the disease again right? So it is important to avoid the recurrence of Chlamydia.


The newest medical investigation shows that women who get infected by Chlamydia time after time are easier to get cervical cancer. How serious it is! The preventions are so important! How can women avoid the recurrence of Chlamydia? Here are some tips.
1.  Keep doing exercises actively. Have good plan for exercising, Keep air in your bedroom fresh, especially when sleeping, also control the temperature. Keep the window open while sleeping to make sure the ventilation. Make full use of the sunshine bath, air bath and water bath. Increase the immunity is the top priority.
2.  Keep personal hygiene, avoid cross-infection. Don’t go to places like cinemas, shopping mall and supermarket which are full of people and have bad ventilation. Don’t get close to people who already got the disease, and if you get the disease, go to the nearest hospital for treatment in case waste too much time for waiting.
3.  Medical treatment. Some TCM are good for the disease, because they can increase immune function, but people should buy them under the guidance of doctors, Fuyan Pill is a very good choice.
4.  Get vaccines. Now there are some vaccines used in some places, but can not be used widely in a lot of places and the protection rate is only 50%, neither can antibiotics do a good prevention job.

Tips above can help prevent the infection of Chlamydia, if you get infected, during treatment, you should also pay attention to avoiding having sex, for diet, eat more fruit and coarse grains.

In case you try Fuyan Pill, here are some tips after taking it.
1.  Don't eat spicy food, seafood or beef.
2.  Take it about half an hour after meals.
3.  Don't take other TCM, western medicines are ok.
4.  Be optimistic and have a good mood.

Hope you can avoid the recurrence of Chlamydia successfully.

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