Taboos and Healthy Diet for Interstitial Cystitis

Author: John
Time: 2014/9/30 14:43:30

when patients are busy finding suitable treatments for interstitial cystitis, it is suggested to pay close attention to the daily diet that plays an important role in curing interstitial cystitis. For interstitial cystitis patients, there are some taboos they need to avoid and healthy food they can eat as much as possible.

There are some foods that patients with interstitial cystitis need to keep far away from.

According to a study, artificial sweeteners that are contained in some foods like chocolates can lead to bladder irritation. It is best to avoid sweeteners when being treated for this health problem.

Coffee and Tea
although drinking a cup of coffee or tea is considered as a habit in the daily life, it is harmful for patients. According to the research, both coffee and tea have high acidic levels, which are harmful for the bladder. Besides this, the presence of caffeine is also a reason to avoid both of them. Green tea, iced tea and various other types of tea, may also cause potential damage to the bladder, so it's better to avoid their consumption.

Fruit Juices and Vitamins

few people know fruit juices are harmful for a patient. Fruits such as oranges, lemons or tomatoes have high acidic contents, which are not advised for such patients. Certain vitamins like ascorbic acid or vitamin C are high in acidic levels, so they must also be avoided.

Attention: Smoking and alcohol must be strictly avoided in the daily life for patients in case that the disease becomes worse.

There are some healthy foods that patients with interstitial cystitis can eat as much as possible.

Dairy Products, Vegetables and Fruits

daily products like Milk, vanilla ice creams, buttermilk and similar foodstuffs do not cause harm to the bladder that can be included in the diet. Green vegetables that contain a lot of vitamins like potatoes and light salads are also good for patients with interstitial cystitis. And fruits like pear, coconut and banana are usually preferred. However, patients need to avoid Yogurt, soy cheese, soy milk, chili, chili pepper and tomato in the daily life.

Beverages, Soups and Desserts

Foods like custard, honey, homemade cakes, maple syrup and pear juice can be included in the diet when people suffer from interstitial cystitis.

Attention: when diagnosed as interstitial cystitis, it is necessary for patients to take treatments timely. As more and more patients with interstitial cystitis have been cured radically by diuretic anti-inflammatory pill, this Chinese herbal medicine is considered as the ideal therapeutic method.