What happens if the patients appear bloody urine after taking a surgery for cystitis glandularis?

Author: Dr. Lee
Time: 2014/4/2 17:55:02

cystitis glandularis is a change that occurs in the tissue that lines the bladder. Generally, the treatment of the disease is to take a surgery such as electrotomy and electrofulguration. After the surgery, the patients can work in with the treatment of irrigation of bladder. However, some cystitis glandularis patients appear bloody urine symptoms. Is it normal? Let us probe into it together.

Wuhan herbalist Dr.Lee, who has more than 30 years of clinical experience in urinary diseases, introduces that it is normal to have bloody urine in 7 days because the bladder needs a period of time to have its recovery. But if the patients have bloody urine after about 2 months, they need to have some examinations again and take some other treatments according to their examinations situation.

Dr.Lee suggests that it is better to cure the disease by using some drugs to adjust their body before or after the surgery. Because the surgery do have some harm to them. On the drugs treatment, the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) such as the formula-completed pill - Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill has obvious advantages.

Adjust the functions of Five zang-organs and six fu-organs

The herbal treatment takes the view that the Five zang-organs and six fu-organs are mutually restricted. If an organ has some problems, the patients need to overall adjustment. The Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill follow the principle of the TCM treatment, it can adjust functions of all organs including the bladder overall and make all the body discharge normally. If the bladder has its functions normally, the bloody urine can be reduced effectively. Actually, it is effectively to help the cystitis glandularis patients to have their body recovery.

Activating blood and resolving stasis, clearing away heat and bacteria of the body

The herbal pill contains some precious herbs like Plantain Seed, Houttuynia cordata that it can clear away heat and bacteria of the bladder. If patients clear away the bacteria and heat, it is good for preventing the bacteria infections after the surgery. What's more, it is beneficial to activate blood and resolve stasis to release the symptoms of bloody urine. If the Qi and blood are circulated normally, the blood circulation of the bladder can get its breath normally as well. So the symptoms of bloody urine can be cured eventually.

Softening hardness and dissipating mass, diuretic and stranguria-relieving to the body

The natural pill not only have diuretic and stranguria-relieving's functions which can help the patients wash away the bacteria and inflammations through the urine but also it can prevent the bladder fibrosis caused by cystitis glandularis because the pill can soften hardness and dissipating mass of the bladder.

It is normally to have the symptoms of bloody urine in 7days after the surgery. The patients should not worry more about it, they can choose the herbal pill to adjust the body to cure the symptoms rapidly and effectively after taking some surgeries. Besides, they can choose the herbal treatment to cure the cystitis glandularis rather than the surgery to avoid suffering the painful bloody urine.