The Best Treatment for Hydrosalpinx

Author: Dr. Lee
Time: 2012/7/27 17:17:59

Taking the green and safe traditional Chinese medicine is the best medical treatment for hydrosalpinx (watery fluid within the fallopian tube).

"Fuyan Pill", the pills used for the treatment of gynecological inflammation, is just such a kind of green and safe traditional Chinese medicine. "Fuyan Pill" alone is competent for hydrosalpinx, and the treatment of the Western medicine such as injection, infusion, the surgery for the blocked circulation of fluid and so on are totally unnecessary for the treatment of this disease. Long-term use of Western medicine will bring drug resistance , so it is not an appropriate treatment for hydrosalpinx which is caused by chronic salpingitis. And surgical treatment will damage women's fallopian tube. Even if the surgery could eliminate the accumulation of fluid, but due to the incomplete controll of salpingitis and pelvic inflammation, the stimulus of these two kinds of inflammations will result in the accumulation of fluid within the tube again. Only "Fuyan Pill", a traditional Chinese medicine, can not only eliminate inflammation completely but also clear the fallopian tube , and as a result the accumulated fluid within the tube is eliminated , without any damage for fallopian tubes and any aftereffect. Chinese medicine treatment is the root of the problem. It can be concluded that the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine focuses on relieving the primary symptoms of diseases.
"Fuyan Pill" was successfully produced by Dr. Lee Clinic with many years of observation and studies. And they have already applied for a national patent for it.
Its application number is 200910064981.5.And the patent says that this drug has a unique efficacy for the treatment of hydrosalpinx adhesion.