Neurogenic Cystitis

Author: Dr. Lee
Time: 2011/6/30 11:13:53

Neurogenic cystitis is a kind of disease that mucous membrane of urinary bladder is infected and bacteria have destroyed nerves. The main symptom is the cystospasm and bladder malfunction.

In the term of "Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill", the first step is to eliminate viruses and bacteria of Neurogenic Cystitis. Actually, eliminating inflammation is the pathogeny. Generally speaking, the bladder`s resistance to bacteria is powerful. But bladder cannot resist bacteria all the time. If bladder is infected and bacteria are diffused, receiving timely remedy is the top topic.

When upper urinary tract is infected and lower urinary tract is obstructed, the Neurogenic Cystitis is caused. Actually, when patients have symptom of urinary tract infection, this is symbolic of different kinds of cystitis diseases and all patients should pay attention to urinary tract infection. For male, urinary tract infection is simple to diffuse to reproductive system diseases.

"Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill" is the suitable choice to cure diseases caused by urinary tract infection. Because "Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill" has marvelous curative effects to clear away heat and toxic material, promote qi circulation to relieve pain, diuresis and diminish inflammations.

In order to prevent Neurogenic Cystitis, holded urination is the forbidden behaviour. Actually, holded urination would bring out many kinds of urinary system diseases.