Advantages of Chinese medicine Treatment for Chlamydia Infection

Author: Dr. Lee
Time: 2011/6/27 17:21:32

Since the word of "chlamydia" came out, the treatment of chlamydia infection has been a difficult problem to be solved with harmfulness to organism and universality of infection that we need to resolve. With the development of the times, the treatment for chlamydia infection is just the application of antibiotics. However, erythromycin, doxycycline and tetracycline which are effective in antibiotics can only inhibit the chlamydial propagation, but can not really achieve the purpose of completely treating chlamydia infection.

The word "chlamydia" doesn't exist in the concept of traditional Chinese medicine, so the modern research of chlamydia starts relatively late. But with the deep research of patients infected by chlamydia clinically, it is found that the symptoms caused by chlamydia infection can be classsified to the names of diseases existed in ancient Chinese medical science such as gonorrhea, turbid semen, dysuria, and morbid leucorrhea which is specific in gynecopathy and so on. Therefore, Chinese medicine has unique advantages for the treatment of symptoms caused by chlamydia infection. The effect of clearing away heat and toxic material of Chinese medicine can achieve the purpose of killing chlamydia without resistance or damaging flora balanceif if Chinese medicine is used properly; for symptoms such as urinary tract obstruction caused by urinary tract infection, etc., the effect of inducing diuresis for treating stranguria can treat them; and for symptoms of hematuria in cystitis, the hemostatics such as garden burnet, sophora flower etc., can be effectively used. The advantage of Chinese medicine treatment for chlamydia infection is also represented in its lower prices but higher cure rate and recurrent attacks would not be concerned in the event of proper control. Thus it can be seen that the advantages of Chinese medicine treatment for chlamydia infection would be widely used, which can inevitably become the treating mainstream for chlamydia infection in the future.