The Symptoms in Female when Mycoplasma Presents to Be Positive

Author: Dr. Lee
Time: 2011/6/9 14:55:11

Being positive of mycoplasma, it is not evident that female patients would necessarily manifest with some certain symptoms. Even if it is to be proved positive by cultivation of mycoplasma, the symptoms of that will likewise vary in terms of the difference of infected region by mycoplasma. For example, if uterine cervix is infected by it, it would be manifested with cervical erosion, adhesion and edema of cervix, profuse leucorrhea (being purulent), contact bleeding, and so on, while if fallopian tube is infected by that, it should be presented as lower abdominal pain, low back pain and infertility. And if pregnant woman is infected by mycoplasma, it might induce inflammatory diseases of eyes or inflammation of lungs of the newborn infant when it went through her birth canal.

Then, how to cure the disease of female that in them mycoplasma is to be positive? Although antibiotic, which is generally used in western medicine, have some certain curative effects for the infection of mycoplasma, it cannot heal it well thoroughly due to its drug resistant that produces after taking antibiotic for a long time, and then lead to recurrent attacks of infection of that. To be proved positive of mycoplasma, it is suggested that female patients should take timely-and-effective medical treatments. Only by this way, is it possible to achieve the purpose of complete cure. Taking Fuyan Pill, a kind of fantastic traditional Chinese medicine, can relieve the patients’ condition in one month and restore mycoplasma to negative in three months because of its medicinal formula which is specially directed against the certain kind of diseases of female reproductive system.

It is reported that even in the crowds to be proved healthy by gynecologic examinations, of which the quantity of those being infected in the region of cervix by positive mycoplasma reaches up to 60 percent of the total. Medical researches suggest that infection of mycoplasma is usually connected with and secondary to urethirits, nephropyelitis and pelvic inflammatory diseases.

Key words: mycoplasma; mycoplasma gentialium and ureaplasma urealyticum; mycoplasma infection symptoms