Successful Case on Female Urethra infection and Vulva Pain

Author: Dr. Lee
Time: 2011/6/8 17:20:11

Mrs. D, American, an advanced lady with happy marriage. However, she was attacked by some symptoms in 2009. She had urethra pain, bladder pain, vulva pain and itchy, volva is red and burns, also she suffered from urgent urinate and cannot stand soap or anything.

She told me that she had gone to urologist and gynecologist and they said they saw nothing. All tests were negative. She cannot even have her disease diagnosed. She tried some antibiotics treatment but no good result.

Then she found my website on internet, she sent emails to me to consult. I told her that her symptoms can be classified by as urinary disease and volva pain, and they can be cured by Fuyan Pill. When she knew the detail and principle of my treatment, she tried my medicine.

After taking the pills for one month, her urinate uncomfortable get released. In her second month treatment, her pain in urethra released, even volva still existed. In third months, her redness and itchy comes and goes, I told her that is normal that symptoms fluctuated during the treatment. And she could feel vulva pain release in that month. Other symptoms were almost elimianted except for volva pain. According to her symptoms I asked her to take fourth month treamtment. In fourth months treatment she told me that she saw good effect of the pills on her symptoms on urinary system, redness, itchy and swell on her vulva area had already eliminated, and started to see great improvement in the middle of fourth months medication. I told her that her treatment should be ended at that time, remained little pain can eliminate naturally. She said she was so grateful for my kindness, for my patience, and for my help.

Key words: bladder pain; urethritis; vulva pain