Tuberculous Hydrosalpinx, Tubal Adhesion and Tubal Blockage

Author: Dr. Lee
Time: 2011-5-14 17:09:34

Tuberculous inflammation may lead to hydrosalpinx. Tuberculosis often occurs in the lung and leads to local symptoms such as cough, expectoration, hemoptysis, etc. and general symptoms such as long-term low-grade fever, symptosis, etc. If tubercle bacillus enters the bloodstream, bloodstream infections of tubercle bacillus occur in the abdominal cavity and lead to inflammation of peritoneum, small intestine, pelvic cavity, uterus, salpinx and vesical. Tuberculous inflammation causes the adhesion and blocage of fimbrial end and damages the function of fimbrial end, which may lead to infertility.

Symptoms of hydrosalpinx, tubal adhesion and tubal blocage

When patients suffering from tuberculous salpingitis see a doctor due to infertility, no symptoms are discovered in spite of fatigue, night sweat, low-grade fever and loss of appetite, because these symptoms are often ignored by patients.

Normal menstruation with periodic disorder, excessive or too little menstrual flow, and even amenorrhea. After amenorrhea, patients with tuberculosis involved in the uterine cavity may suffer from post-amenorrhea uterine hemorrhage. Fever may occur during the menstrual period, and body temperature drops to a normal level after menstruation.

Few patients may have a heavy feeling in the lower abdomen and feel pain in the lumbosacral portion. Symptoms such as pain, fever, etc. won’t be discovered in spite of the occurrence of tuberculosis of salpinx, fallopian tube empyema or abdominal empyema. But symptoms of inflammation will be discovered with the occurrence of secondary suppurative bacterial infection.

If descending infection of tuberculosis of salpinx occurs in endometrium with simulataneous occurrence of tuberculous cervicitis, vaginal fluid becomes purulent or bloody purulent.

Treatment of tuberculous hydrosalpinx, tubal adhesion and tubal blockage

Radix stemonae, a kind of TCM with anti-buterculosis effect, with heat-clearing and detoxifying drugs can eliminate tubercle bacillus within three months. TCM can invigorate the circulation of blood and qi, tonify the spleen, promote diuresis, build up one's physique and enhance one’s disease-resistant ability. Besides, it can also remove the pathological changes caused by tuberculous infection of salpinx, recuperate menstruation and relieve pain. With the treatment of TCM, vaginal fluid returns to a normal state of being colorless and transparent, and the disease will be completely cured.

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