The Harm of Mycoplasma Infection

Author: Dr. Lee
Time: 2011/5/10 10:19:25

Harm of mycoplasma (mycoplasma urealytium):

1. Mycoplasma is contagious , which harms to the society and families.

2. Mycoplasma infection causes cervicitis, cervical erosion, bartholinitis, coleitis, salpingitis, pelvic inflammation, ectopic pregnancy and barrenness. The mycoplasma urealytium cultivated in cervical mucus of the Infertile patient present positive rate as high as above 50%. Mycoplasma urealytium infection can cause abortion, stillbirth.

3: Male mycoplasma infect urethra and then cause secondary chronic prostatitis. When prostatic secretion is checked up, in which the lively and swimming microbial population are visible . Mycoplasma continue to infect deferent duct, seminal vesicle and testicule , and lead to male epididymitis, prostatitis. Mycoplasma will adhere to the sperm surface, and result in deformity of sperm , decrease sperm activity rate, it can generate substances similar to neuramidinase which will interfere with the combination of egg and sperm, causing infertility. That eventually lead to deferent duct and tubal obstruction, sperm quality decreasing, influencing pregnancy.

Key words: mycoplasma; mycoplasma urealytium; mycoplasma causes