Women Can’t Ignore Harms of PID Even There Is No Symptom

Author: 佚名
Time: 2016/10/13 11:20:43

After confirming PID, assistant checks should be done according to symptoms. But for some patients, they don't have symptoms or their symptoms are too mild to be noticed by themselves, they are easy to ignore PID. But when they have gynecological bimanual examination, they feel pain, their fallopian tubes are increased, or there is a big amount of irregular liquid, they can ignore the treatment of PID easily. When they finally get their PID confirmed after feeling abdominal pain or having irregular period or infertility, the treatment will be more difficult to be found. So women can't ignore PID without any symptom, the treatment is very necessary.

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PID without a symptom can damage endometrium
For women with PID without any symptom, it is hard to find any symptom for the PID is a chronic one. But after being irritated by inflammation again and again, pathological changes occur in endometrium, like endometritis, endometriosis, increased amount of menstrual blood, postponed menstrual period, brown discharge after menstrual period etc. Besides, fertilized egg can be damaged,
the capacity of endometrium can be decreased and lead to early abortion.

PID without a symptom can damage fallopian tubes directly
Even without a symptom after getting PID, inflammation can go upward and infects fallopian tubes. Such as ongestion and edema of endosalpinx, it can influence the swing of cilium in in and on fallopian tubes.  A long term inflammation can also cause tubal adhesion, blockage, hydrosalpinx, infertility, extrauterine pregnancy etc.

PID without a symptom can damage ovarian function
Extensive inflammation of PID can cause adhesion in pelvic cavity, uterus and fallopian tubes, and sometimes it can spreads to ovary, damages the growing of follicle, stop ovary from ovulating, and lead to ovarian dysfunction, no ovulation in ovary, no good follicle can be made by ovary, irregular period or even premature ovarian failure.

From damages above, PID without a symptom can damage endometrium, fallopian tubes and ovary directly, cause endometritis, endometrial hyperplasia, salpingitis, tubal adhesion, blockage, hydrosalpinx, premature ovarian failure etc. It can also lead to irregular period, menstrual disorder, infertility, abortion, extrauterine pregnancy etc indirectly.

Therefore, women who have sex for more than 1 year, if they have irregular period or abnormal leucorrhea, they are suggested to get regular gynecological bimanual examination, especially for those who have thickened fallopian tubes  and pain in cervix when pressing, get regular reexamination is very necessary to check if they have PID without a symptom or not. Once PID is confirmed after several reexaminations, even symptoms are mild, a treatment is needed immediately, when there is drug resistance of antibiotics, they can choose Fuyan Pill as a type of Chinese herb medicine as an alternative treatment.

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