Chinese Herbal Medicine Can Treat Orchitis Well

Author: John
Time: 2016/7/20 11:14:20

Men are likely to trigger male disease if they pay little attention to this, which is the same for women gynecopathy. orchitis is one of the most common male diseases, which causes certain damages to male body health. Even severe cases may also lead to male infertility.


Orchitis in clinical divided into two types: acute suppurative orchitis and mumps orchitis. Among them, acute suppurative orchitis is the most common. The reason that causes orchitis is so many, such as infection, trauma, tumor and so on.

These three types of people most likely to have orchitis

1、Having sexual life of people  prematurely: generally speaking, after four or five to twenty men is considered mature. If they have sexual life before 24 or 25 years old, they will be easy to get orchitis and sexual dysfunction and other diseases, due to immature sexual organs to consume semen.

2、Having bad habits of people: such as masturbation, sex life frequently, or  often eat spicy food and often wear jeans, all of this will cause orchitis. So, in normal life, we should pay more attention.

3、People do not pay attention to hygiene: without cleaning the lower body usually,which lead to in lower body pushing dirt, the breeding of bacteria, causing inflammation.

Five symptoms of orchitis  

1. High fever (body temperature above the normal body temperature range), chills (spastic muscle contractions and shaking, trembling with cold).

2. Testicular pain, and scrotum, thigh and groin area radiating pain.

3. Testicular swelling, tenderness, if fester, empyema fluctuations will feel to the touch.

4. Often accompanied by scrotal skin irritation and scrotum hydrocele.

5. Children with viral orchitis, sometimes visible to the phenomenon of parotid gland swelling and pain.

Treat orchitis: Chinese herbal medicine is the best choice

In fact, Orchitis is not so scary, so long as timely treatment. For orchitis, Chinese medicine is completely curable. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a good choice, which has detoxification, swelling and pain, blood circulation effect. Symptomatic treatment can quickly eliminate the sense of a variety of toxic heat caused by the sting.

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