7 Symptoms Indicate Prostatitis May Infect Cystitis

Author: John
Time: 2016/6/27 13:26:19

We know that male's reproductive system and urinary system share the same organs - the terminal segment of male urethra. By reason of this, inflammation in these two systems will infect each other. So, for some patients with prostatitis, it's essential to alert these 7 symptoms in prevention for cystitis caused by prostate diseases.


Caution to 7 symptoms of abnormal urination
Difficulty in micturition: Micturition difficulty refers to urinary hesitancy most often develops slowly over time. You may not notice it until you are unable to urinate (called urinary retention). These conditions often indicate the diseases as enlarged prostate, prostate cancer, acute prostatitis, urethritis, stone, tumor or tumor of urethra.

Urine bifurcation: Urine bifurcation indicates the opening of the urethra, or urethral obstruction temporarily partially caused. And its primary cause is prostatitis and enlarged prostate disease.

Turbid urine, white drops of urine: These symptoms always manifest as the turbid, or like sticky white cloud, or like rice water, while this condition is generally caused by the inflammation of urinary reproductive system, such as prostatitis.

Urinary endless: Urinary endless indicates a not complete urinary discharge, which is often seen in the male prostatitis disease, or urinary stones, as well as urinary tumor or abnormal physical structure.

Frequent, urgent or painful urination: Frequent urination ispertaining to a significant larger time than normal (daily mean 4-6 times in adult men; and 0-1 time in night urination); urgent urination is referred to urgent and pressing sensation in urination, which is uneasy to control; painful urination means the discomfort feeling, including painful or burning sensation, appear in urinary tract or urethral orifice.

Urinary inability: Although people have great strength in eating, it cannot be employed during urination, which makes a slow urination, and often happens on the enlarged prostate or chronic prostatitis patients.

Hematuria:Hematuria is referred to the red blood cells or the remarked blood occurring in urines, which can demonstrate as the tea-color urine. This phenomenon indicates that some serious lesions may exist in urinary system, male reproductive system or other parts of the body.

Through the above description, the readers could take the self-examinations if they find their urination is abnormal. What's more, it's also crucial to take a specific examination in the normal hospital, and it's not allowed to take self-medication or laissez-faire, especially when the symptoms aggravated or abdominal pain become more significant, and even appear terminal hematuria, whilst, it's highly suspected of cystitis has been caused by prostatitis.

Nevertheless, after having found abnormal voiding symptoms, it's urgent to take timely examinations and treatments, especially for those high prevalence male diseases as prostatitis. What's more, male urinary system is related to reproductive system, so, it's easy to cause co-infection, and need patients to pay enough attention to. While the above 7 symptoms in abnormal urination also require us to be vigilant, and look out the prostatitis can be the factor to cystitis.

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