Propolis is not the right one to treat endometriosis

Author: Dr. Lee
Time: 2014/4/11 16:17:10

Many people are familiar with propolis, and its magic effect has been widely respected. For women, except the treatment effect, the whitening effect is particularly significant. A part of women even regard it as the right medicine to rescue them from the suffering of gynecological diseases, such as the endometriosis. So we should ask whether the propolis can play a role in curing endometriosis.

The answer is no, propolis cannot cure the endometriosis. This is primarily because propolis contains some estrogen, if we make the appropriate using. The effect of replenishing blood and improving skin is good. But if women take a use of large quantities of it, the endocrine abnormalities would occur, and finally the excessive levels of estrogen will lead to the excessive endometrial growth. When it grows outside of the uterine cavity, the endometriosis may be formed. Therefore, the patients with endometriosis or have suffered from endometriosis should better not to eat propolis.

According to different lesions, endometriosis patients would have different symptoms. The most common symptoms are dysmenorrhea, menstrual disorders, painful intercourse, and infertility and so on. Therefore, for women with childbearing requirements, the timely treatment is important.

In general, the treatment methods are hormone therapy, surgery and medicine treatment. The hormone therapy is to inhibit ovulation or cause amenorrhea, so that the occurrence of ectopic endometrial degeneration, necrosis, and absorption can help the patients out of the disease.

Surgery aims at making the lesion excision, spalling and elimination. However, as the disease used to show the heavy adhesions, so the recurrence rate is higher than the other two.

In Chinese treatment, the doctors usually use the medicine with activating blood and removing stasis to treat it. For example, the Fuyan Pill, it can not only have the effect of detoxification, but also hold the function of promoting blood circulation and removing spleen dampness. It is the medicine which can cure the endometriosis with an unexpected result.

Fuyan pill is a complete recipe. First, the licorice and skullcap in the formulation can kill the mycoplasma and chlamydia and some other diseases. Another, poria, bupleurum can remove the spleen dampness, which is possible to eliminate the patient's pain and regulate menstruation symptoms.