How to Treat Endometriosis Caused by Chlamydia Infection

Author: Dr. Lee
Time: 2012/6/21 10:10:23

If chlamydia is tested postive in a endometriosis patient, it unveils that endometriosis has something to do with chlamydia infection. Through tests, we know that endometriosis is not an isolate disease, which also comes along with other diseases such as pelvic inflammation, salpingitis, blocked fallopian tube, etc. Therefore, it supports the view that endometriosis is related to infections, such as mycoplasma and chlamydia.

In normal condition, the surface of cavity of uterine body is covered with endometrium. If endometrium grows in other places, we can call this phenomenon endometriosis.Usually, these places are ovary and fallopian tube, most of them are in pelvic cavity.

As we know, endometriosis is a disease which can easily lead to infertility. However, the detailed causes are actually complicated.

1. In fact, adhesion and tortuosity of fallopian tubes are criminals of female infertility.

2. Ovary can move with the change of endometrium, which can give rise to ovulation failure or luteal phase defect. Endometriosis patients can also suffer from luteinized unrupture follicle syndrome. Alteration of secretory phase of endometrium can affect ovarian function. Then anovulation will bring about sterility. Even some patients can be pregnant, embryo quality can’t be guaranted.

3. Exceptional auto-immune mechanisms results from endometriosis can have an influence on female infertility.
4. Prostaglandin is an important factor of procreation. That is because prostaglandin can make lumens of reproductive system move, which reduces conceive opportunity.
We have learnt how endometriosis causes female infertility on anatomical structure, and now we can draw a conclusion that chlamydia is a vital fator which can cause endometiosis. Therefore, it is easy to understand why traditional Chinese medicine Fuyan Pill can cure endometriosis. Firstly, chlamydia is an infection that usually arise from bacterias, vurus, fungis and other pathogens. To treat endometriosis, we have to solve infections caused by chlamydia. As many people know, prescriptions in Fuyan Pill can effectively kill pathogens, because it is prescriped with herbs that can clear away toxic materials. In that way, source of infection can be gradually eliminated.

TCM treatment (Fuyan Pill) of endometriosis

Formulation principle: Clearing away heat and toxic materials; promoting blood circulation by removing blood stasis; invigorating the spleen to damp elimination.
Clinical characteristics:

1. Traditional Chinese medicine Fuyan Pill can completely eliminate infections such as mycoplasma and chlamydia.

2. Traditional Chinese medine can promote blood circulation by removing blood stasis which can help patients get rid of pain.