Serious Health Hazards Mycoplasma Infection in Women

Author: Dr. Lee
Time: 2012/6/12 17:30:41

Recently, a large number of women are suffering from mycoplasma infection. As we know, mycoplasma infection is a common disease. The inflammation is usually caused by this infection. As a matter of fact, mycoplasma infection is a big health hazard. So, it is better to treat this disease as soon as possible. However, do you know what mycoplasma infection often does harm to women patients?

To start with, mycoplasma infection can give rise to gynecologic inflammation, cervicitis is the most common comorbidity. In this condition, about half of the patients will not experience any symptom. Except some patents may suffer leukorrhagia in endocervial canal and this secretion is purulent. Sometimes, swelling and congestion occur frequently. If cervicitis is not treated, about thirty percent to forty percent of mycoplasma infection can develop to endometritis if the infection moves upward, and about eight percent to ten percent of patients will develop to salpingitis. Usually salpingitis is disease that can easily lead to chronic abdominal pain, pelvic inflammatory disease, genital herpes, infertility, ectopic pregnancy, etc.
Secondly, mycoplasma can lead to infertility. According to statistics, in the couples of infertility, about ninety percent of women were infected with mycoplasma urealytium. However, the incidence of this disease in women is 22 percent in total. The most serious damage of mycolasma infection is sterility. Mycoplasma urealytium often brings about genital tract inflammation, which can further cause mucosal cell necrosis, inhabited sperm movement and weaker motor activity of cilia in oviduct.

Apart from that, for pregnant women, mycoplasma infection is very dangerous. Pregnancy-induced hypertension syndrome, polyhydramnios, premature labor, premature rupture of fetal membranes, choriocarcinoma and endometritis are comorbidities of hominis and urealyticum infection. When the mother has mycoplasma hominis and urealyticum infection. the baby is prone to have perinatal infections. it is a fact that infants who are infected in uterus are at a higher of risk of congenital heart disease and death.

Traditional Chinese medicine has its own advantages of treating symptoms of mycoplasma infection. Prescriptions which can clear away heat and toxic materials can kill bacteria. Besides, traditional Chinese medicine will not cause drug resistance and won't bring about destruction of flora balance. Urinary tract problems caused by urinary tract infections can be solved by the efficacy of diuresis promoting. Also, TCM treatment of mycoplasma holds a high cure rate. Patients do not need to worry about relapse. Generally, traditional Chinese medicine Fuyan Pill is applied to treat mycoplasma infection in women.