Why is it so Difficult to Treat a Blocked Fallopian Tube?

Author: Dr. Lee
Time: 2012/6/9 16:24:00

Why is it so difficult to treat a blocked fallopian tube? A lot of medicines can merely eliminate inflammatory affection, but can not effectively dredge the blocked fallopian tube. For instance, antibiotic treatment, which can help suffers to get rid of salpingitis, but the blocked tube can't be solved indeed. Though the tube can be dredged by surgery, it can't settle the problem of essence. Normal function still can't be restored. Recurrent blocked fallopian tube is very possible to happen. From this, we can see that blocked fallopian tube treatment is really a big trouble.

How is a blocked fallopian tube treated?

It is thankful that traditional Chines medicine has its own advantages in treating the blocked fallopian tube. In TCM treatment of a blocked fallopian tube, it is not only an inflammation-killing thing. What is specific is that TCM can not only eliminate infection, but also can make QI movement be in a harmonious way, unblock the tube and restore function. Fuyan Pill is a specific application to treat a blocked fallopian tube. In general, patients can get relieve within the first course of treatment and finally recover in three months. That is because, prescriptions in Fuyan Pill can remove toxin materials and promote blood flow and activate Qi.
A large number of patients who have a blocked fallopian tube can be pregnant after one or two courses of treatment. Besides, Fuyan Pill can also treat pelvic inflammatory disease, salpingitis.