Symptoms of Chlamydia Infection in Women: Burning Sensation with Urinating

Author: John
Time: 2011/11/30 17:06:58

The Symptoms of chlamydia In women are:

Rectal discomfort or release

Abdominal pain

Burning sensation during urination

Painful intercourse

Genital discharge
Regrettably the actual the signs of the problem don’t show itself by itself and many women don’t understand they have an infection that’s damaging their own organs. In the event that not treated chlamydia symptoms may invade your own genitalia as well as reproductive organs, causing pelvic inflammatory illness, Inability to conceive and in some cases a good roundabout side effect associated with ectopic pregnancy. Additional If your woman has chlamydia while pregnant, it can result in contamination within the uterus after shipping, and also the child could develop eye an infection, loss of sight and pneumonia.

Urethra an infection.
This Infection is usually related to chlamydial infection of the cervix, and women who have this an infection of the urethra generally encounter typical symptoms of a urinary tract infections, which involves discomfort on urination and the frequent and immediate have to urinate.

Symptoms of pelvic inflammatory disease,(PID is a common phrase for an infection from the uterus coating, fallopian tubes, or sex gland), as well as liver irritation.

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