The Diuretic and Antiphlogistic Pill to Cure Pyelonephritis

Author: Dr. Lee
Time: 2011/8/30 16:22:36

Pyelonephritis is an inflammation of kidney, caused by bacterial infection and accompanied by lower urinary tract infection. It is difficult to distinguish strictly between them. Pyelonephritis includes acute and chronic Pyelonephritis, and the latter is the most important cause of chronic renal insufficiency.

The patients of acute pyelonephritis come on urgent, showing high fever, chill, headache, ache all over, profuse sweating and other symptoms. As to urinary system, the same symptoms as irritation sign of bladder will arise: frequent micturition, urgent urination, odynuria, oliguresis or even rarely urine, and accompanied by the symptoms of lumbago and stomachache. Some patients will develop inappetence and nausea. The young women are likely to develop the disease.

If pyelonephritis hasn’t been cured thoroughly, or if urinary tract is infected repeatedly because the patients don’t take care of health and hygiene, the chronic pyelonephritis will occur.

The chronic pyelonephritis, like acute pyelonephritis, will show the symptoms of irritation sigh of bladder, frequent micturition, urgent urination, odynuria, waist soreness, hypodynamia. The pelvicalyceal deformation and seeper, disparate sizes or rough appearance of kidneys are visible in intravenous pyelography. The function of kidneys tubules is destroyed, leading to nocturnal increase and acid poisoning and so on. If chronic pyelonephritis is in the bad way, the function of glomerulus will be damaged, or even uremia will emerge. And kidneys hypertension may be brought about. In a word, the clinical symptoms of chronic pyelonephritis are complex, which is easy to repeatedly attack and hard to be cured.

Compared to chronic pyelonephritis, acute pyelonephritis is relatively easy to be treated and cured. When the patients are trying to get positive treatment, they must pay attention to personal hygiene, to drink more water, to urinate more frequently, and not to hold back urine.

The cause of pyelonephritis is upper urinary tract infected by bacterium, usually called upper urinary tract infection, so, it needs a kind of drug with effect of broad spectrum antibiotic, anti-inflammation and detumescence to treat pyelonephritis, no matter for male or female patients, the diuretic and antiphlogistic pill is a good choice.

The traditional Chinese medicine diuretic and antiphlogistic pill has the effect of sterilization, clearing heat and diminishing inflammation, invigorating the circulation of blood to cure pyelonephritis. The ingredients of the pill are plantain seed, polygonum aviculare, and fringed pink and so on, which are all medicine of diuresis, hasing perfect curative effect.

Some patients of pyelonephritis have serious symptoms, however, disease germs such as bacterium haven’t been checked out from their urine. In such conditions, it is probable that the medicine restrains the activity of germs, or the sickened side of ureter is blocked, the germ can’t be ejected really. Or the physical and chemical changes of urine make the survival of germ difficult. Or although malignant bacteria have disappeared, the toxin of germ hasn’t been discharged or eliminated. The longtime illness makes the immunity disease of patients arise (the immunologic function is too strong to harm its own cells)

To treating this kind of ‘sterility’ pyelonephritis, the diuretic and antiphlogistic pill has its advantages, because the medicinal materials get from animals, plants and mineral in nature, the patients never mind bacterial resistance to drugs to come up after a long time use, and they also never mind immunological disease to arise. On the other hand, the pill has effect of detoxicating, softening hard lumps and dispelling nodes, which can dredge ureter and eliminate toxin of germs, in the end, the pill with sterilization effect can kill the pathogenic germs effectively, to cure pyelonephritis.