My Views on Traditional Chinese Medicine

Author: Dr. Lee
Time: 2011/7/16 16:22:42

By Lee Xiaoping

It’s about 30 years since I obtained a qualification certificate for practicing TCM, and my clinic has been opened for over 20 years. Basic theories of TCM are the stepping stone for each generation of disciples of TCM to enter this domain, and each doctor of TCM may have his own system as to how to apply medical knowledge and what medicine to use in clinical treatment of diseases. This is the fact I’m increasingly aware of as I’m more and more experienced in TCM.

Basic theories of TCM are relatively complete through a historical development of 2,000 years. Almost each eligible doctor of TCM can have a perfect master of the theories just as each eligible general reads the Art of War. Although tens of thousands of people have read the book, there are few famous generals. Similarly, each doctor of TCM has medical knowledge, but not everyone is able to cure diseases.

Some doctors of TCM are gifted, but they are fettered by books. They are rigid and dogmatic, neglecting that they are doctors in reality and that they are faced with real diseases. Such doctors are unable to make wise use of ancient prescriptions in accordance with basic theories of TCM and find prescriptions that are needed in clinical treatment. Therefore, it is no wonder that medicines prescribed by these doctors often prove ineffective in treatment. And these doctors are denounced by patients instead. On the contrary, those doctors who are able to make wise use of ancient prescriptions according to the system they summarize on their own can cure patients effectively in a unique way.

Theories of TCM originate from the simple ancient Chinese philosophy of yin and yang, and there are no fixed rules as to what medicine to use in clinical treatment. In this way, a fact is caused that there exists a problem that it cannot be verified that every prescription is applied in a right way. However, there are some Chinese patent medicines that can be widely used, such as Yunan Baiyao, etc.

It is difficult to prove the scientificity of prescriptions of TCM by the test methods of western medicine. This is caused by the origination of the theories of TCM, the attributes of Chinese herbal medicine and the characteristic that the treatment process of TCM is mainly dependent on the ability of doctors. But it is proved that western medicine is not universal in the domain of medical treatment. It is known to all that western medicine has side effects and cannot cure all diseases thoroughly. A number of chronic diseases cannot be cured thoroughly by western medicine. For examples, it is known to doctors and patients that digitalis can poison patients in treatment of heart disease. But the treatment of heart disease can still depend on digitalis only. Let fate take its course, survive from day to day.
So can heart disease be cured by TCM? There is an affirmative answer to this question.

However, can the doctors of TCM patients turn to help them remove their pains? There is not a definite answer to this question, for the clinical treatment of TCM mainly depends on the ability of the doctors.

Sometimes it depends on the luck of patient with heart disease to seek a cure from doctors of TCM. The effects of medicines prescribed by doctors of western medicine are confirmed throughout the world, while doctors of TCM use their own prescriptions. If the prescriptions are wisely used, the disease will be cured. And a wise use of prescriptions depends on the unique system of the doctors.

Ancient doctors have left a lot of basic prescriptions which are the experiences they accumulated and a treasure to human beings. And these prescriptions can be widely used in treatment of various rare and stubborn diseases. Since each prescription only stands for one treatment rule, these prescriptions still need to be researched. We must creatively study and apply these prescriptions and must not stick to convention. Otherwise, we just make a mess of the roots with branches. Based on a thorough understanding of theories of TCM, we make up the description of "Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill" and "Fuyan Pill" through a wise use the ancient prescriptions and have applied for patents of invention. Our medicine is extraordinarily effective in treatment of mycoplasma and chlamydia infection, thus helping patients remove their pain caused by mycoplasma and chlamydia infection which is not cured after years of treatment. TCM can treat diseases that cannot be thoroughly cured by western medicine. In this sense, doctors of TCM and TCM are need in the cause of human health.

Each doctor of TCM has his own system. And the one who is successful in treatment of mycoplasma and chlamydia infection is actually an inventor and creator. His unique system can help him go further in the course of TCM, serve patients better and bring benefit to the society.