Successful Case on Female Mycoplasma Infection with Cervical Erosion

Author: Dr. Lee
Time: 2011/7/12 17:25:26

Misss. Ma 24 years old Yiwu, Zhejiang Province

She has been diagnosed with mycoplasma infection in 2010, and test found that her cervix of womb was congestive and later had been diagnosed with cervical erosion.

She started to take Fuyan Pill in the middle of April, in May, her test for mycoplasma was negative. Cervical erosion was released much. I told her to continue the treatment.

After two months treatment ended, her second test for mycoplasma was negative as well, and the cervix was only a bit congestive.

In the middle of third months treatment, just a few days before, she took her last test for cervix which shows that her cervix was healthy.

After her treatment ended, she even ordered another course of Fuyan Pill for her mother who was suffering from adenomyosis and terrible menstrual colic.