Symptoms of Mycoplasma Infection

Author: Dr. Lee
Time: 2011/7/4 16:46:31

Latent phase of mycoplasma infection usually lasts for 1-3 weeks. Typical acute phase symptoms are similar to other non-gonorrhea genitourinary system infections. Mycoplasma infection has the following symptoms: urethra pain, frequency and urgency of urination, painful urination in different degrees. Urethral meatus slight inflammation, secretion rare and thin in form of serum or purulence. Few sticky discharge or scab at urethral meatus in early morning may foul the underwear. If the above symptoms show, patients need to identify the disease in hospital immediately. Mycoplasma urethritis needs timely and complete treatment. Only treating it by proper medicine in a proper way, can heal the disease completely, prevent from prostatitis.

When urethritis accompanying with prostatitis, patients usually have the symptoms of pain in the lower back and perineum area, discomfort at inside area of thighs, or pain from inside thighs to perineum area while lifting anus. It is a world wide problem on treating mycoplasma. The Chinese medicine of "Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill" uses the proper prescription to cure mycoplasma, symptoms lightens in one month and be completely eliminated through persistent treatment. And finally patients’ test results turn normal.

Female mycoplasma infection usually has the symptom of genital system inflammation, expanding outside from the cervix. Most patients aware no obvious symptom. Few severe patients have obvious symptoms, such as vagina distention. When mycoplasma infection expands to urethra, patients suffer symptoms of frequency and urgency of urination. If mycoplasma infection is limited in cervix, patients usually have vaginal discharge increase and turbidity (vaginal discharge is a barometer for female genital system diseases); cervix edema, hyperemia or surface erosion; mycoplasma infection caused cervical erosion and cervicitis patients usually have the complicating diseases of salpingitis, tubal blockage, endometritis and pelvic inflammatory disease, which all probably result in female infertility. Female mycoplasma infection caused genital system diseases, including cervicitis, cervical erosion, salpingitis, tubal blockage, endometritis and pelvic inflammatory disease, all have a main symptom of vaginal discharge abnormal, thus they are called “vaginal discharge disease” in traditional Chinese medicine theory. The Chinese medicine of "Fuyan Pill" is based on the wandai decoction, suit the remedy to the case.

Suit the remedy to the case and eliminate symptoms are the uniqueness of "Fuyan Pill" and "Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill". Receiving timely treatment by using these medicines, patients can recover from the disease, exempting from any harm towards themselves or the family.

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