Drug use to treat mycoplasma infection

Author: Dr. Lee
Time: 2011/6/28 17:18:29

Drug use in treating mycoplasma infection draws a widespread attention of the patients of mycoplasma infection. Mycoplasma is a parasitic pathogens in the body, and as the body immunity known as the resistance is strong, mycoplasma does no damage to human body. However in one’s lifetime, the illness and death can’t be avoid. So when someone gets ill, and the body immunity declines, mycoplasma, like a invisible bomb laid in one’s body, will explode.

Now that mycoplasma ‘explosive’does great harm to human body (such as: testicular inflammation, the epididymitis, prostatitis and a bladder infection and other reproductive system and urinary tract disease caused by mycoplasm) when we check out being infected by mycoplasma or found mycoplasma infection symptoms have appeared, we need to get early treatment, to minimize the damage to our body. But the problems of using drug arise when we get treatment. The development history of mycoplasma tell us there is a long time of confrontment between medicine and mycoplasma, the mycoplasma is so stubborn and the usage of antibiotic can’t kill mycoplasma completely. At the same time, the long time use of antibiotic cause new problems, such as drug resistance of mycoplasma, which make the cure of mycoplasma infection become harder, bring huge physically suffering and psychologically pressure to the patients.

As we kown more about mycoplasma,and the advantage of Chinese traditional medicine is highlighted, first of all, no drug resistance is the characteristic of Chinese traditional medicine. The second, it has economic advantage, which has lower price than western medicine. Thirdly, it has no extra side effect. Therefore, the patients suffering from chronic mycoplasma infection, might as well change treatment method with western medicine, trying traditional Chinese medicine may be right choice.

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