What's the Cause of Chlamydia Infection?

Author: Dr. Lee
Time: 2011/12/8 16:40:30

To find out the reason why human's urogenital system could be infected with chlamydia, we have to understand what chlamydia is in the first place.
Chlamydia is a kind of prokaryote whose size is between virus and bacteria. It cannot generate energy rich compounds itself and can only obtain energy from host cells. Accordingly, it parasitizes cells, reproduces in them, damages them and may lead to death of infected cells, and it is difficult to be killed by human’s immune system.

The main way of human's urogenital system infected with chlamydia is sexual contact with an incubation period of one to three weeks. Men with chlamydia infection may have symptoms of urethritis with secondary diseases like cystitis, prostatitis, vesiculitis, epididymitis and orchitis. And male sterility may be caused finally. Women with chlamydia infection may have symptoms of cervicitis with a series of secondary diseases of urogenital system like cervical erosion, erosion of genital tract, endometritis, salpingitis, adnexitis and etc. And female infertility may be caused. What's more, even fetuses or newly-babies can be infected through their mother.

The main reason for human's urogenital system infected with chlamydia is sexual contact or mother-to-child infection. Therefore, the main way to prevent chlamydia infection is to be hygienically prepared for sexual contact. Once patients test positive for chlamydia, they should be timely treated until the disease is cured. And the couple had better receive treatment together for fear that after one is cured, he/she may be repeatedly infected through sexual contact by his/her partner who was infected through sexual contact before.

To cure chlamydia infection, men are recommended to take "Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill", a kind of TCM, while women are recommended to take "Fuyan Pill", another kind of TCM. These two kinds of TCM have a function of sterilization and diminishing inflammation, and they are heat-clearing and detoxifying. In the meantime, they are effective in treatment of possible nonbacterial inflammation of urogenital system.

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