Mycoplasma Urethritis Complications

Author: Dr. Lee
Time: 2011/6/7 17:16:48

Harm of mycoplasma infection: if the mycoplasma infection cannot be cured in time or drastically, this situation would lead to a series of complications (prostatitis, cystospermitis, epididymitis and orchitis). As we know, the first infected organ is urethra mucous membrane if the patient is infected by mycoplasma. And the basic symptoms include itch, pain, secretion, fever and swelling. Actually, if this situation kept up in a long period, mycoplasma infection would infect other organs of urogenital system.

According to mycoplasma infection complications (prostatitis, cystospermitis, epididymitis and orchitis), the basic symptoms include pain of orchis, abdomen pain, pain of ejaculation, hemospermia, low survival ratio of sperm and anti-liquefaction of semen. Finally, this infection would lead to male infertility - a symbol of huge metal pressure.

According to the pathogeny of mycoplasma positive, the WM usually uses the antibiotics to cure mycoplasma infection complications. But the long-term using would form resistance and tolerance to drugs. Based on the investigation, almost 60% patients cannot become healthy relying on the WM to cure mycoplasma urethritis complications.

The TCM - "Diuresis and Diminish inflammation Pill " has special advantages to cure mycoplasma urethritis complications comparing to the WM. "Diuresis and Diminish inflammation Pill " is a kind of TCM which would not form resistance and tolerance to drugs. Moreover, relying on the messenger drug, this pill can cure the infected position directly. Actually, to the fibrosis and calcification tissues, this pill can achieve curative effects of activating blood circulation to dissipate blood stasis and help the infected position absorb the antibacterial. Furthermore, this pill has a strong ability to kill bacteria and clear away heat and toxic material. Keeping a strict diet and receiving 3 months remedy, the mycoplasma will turn negative and all the prostate items will become normal. After receiving 4 months remedy, semen items will turn normal. So these are reasons why the "Diuresis and Diminish inflammation Pill " can cure mycoplasma urethritis complications effectively.

Key words: mycoplasma; urethritis; urethritis complications