How to Cure the Diseases Caused by Chlamydia Infection?

Author: John
Time: 2011/5/20 17:01:03

Usually, chlamydia infection might cause urethritis, prostatitis, vesiculitis, vaginitis and cervicitis, etc. which, due to their strong transmissibility, all are detrimental to health and even possible to lead to infertility. In western medicine, the predominant way to cure this kind of diseases is to use antibiotic with microwave therapy, resolving-and-thawing stagnation technique which will do harm to correlative tissues and cause secondary disease, such as feeling falling and bulge, pain, and so on, and perfusion technique which if not used with effective magistral medicines, it will not produce curative effects accordingly. Thus, western medicine cannot cure Chlamydia infections thoroughly, because antibiotic inevitably will lead to drug resistance, disadvantage the normal functions of spleen and kidney, depressing whole blood, all those side effects will finally induce a decline of resistance to diseases. In western medicine, after achieving preliminary curative effects, it will suggest that it is not necessary to take further therapeutic measures by claiming that Chlamydia could survive in human body for the lifelong time of patients.

However, can we totally disregard the diseases of urethritis, prostatitis, vesiculitis, vaginitis, cervicitis and infertility? It is obviously not the case. The symptoms of the diseases will bring unbelievable suffering and mental stress to patients. In order to depart from the miserable situation, the patients have to seek medical advices again and again, of which the process is horribly difficult to endure for them. Thus, the most crucial question to them is, could some effective therapeutic measures be find?

In the orient of the earth, China, with a rich history of thousands of years, has left by her ancestors another “Holy Bible” for the whole world, the traditional Chinese medicine, and exactly has made a great contribution to the enterprises of human health. Traditional Chinese medicine has the advantage of no-drug-resistance which brings it an advantageous position in curing Chlamydia infections. Thus, for the patients suffering from Chlamydia infections, to resort to traditional Chinese medicine, undoubtedly is a hopeful and righteous choice.

What therapeutic measures will be most effective? At present, certainly the answer is, to take Chinese patent drugs. Doctor Wang of Wuhan, who has engaged in clinical medicine for above 30 years, through hard observations and laborious researches, has developed some proprietary drugs, namely "Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill" and "Fuyan Pill", which are special for certain diseases caused by Chlamydia infection and can turn Chlamydia to negative in 3 months that exactly means something fortunate to the sufferers.

"Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill", is special for those diseases of male reproductive system caused by Chlamydia infection, including prostatitis, vesiculitis epididymitis and orchitis, and those ones of male and female urinary system, such as urethritis and cystitis, etc. Due to its functions of clearing away toxic material, promoting blood circulation, dissolving stasis, alleviating pain and facilitating urination, it can effectively eliminate the very symptoms, such as feeling falling and bulge, pain, etc., remove the manifestations of urethral irritation, obliterate the pathological changes of infected tissues and finally heal the said diseases caused by Chlamydia infection. After taking these drugs for 3 months, it would have turn Chlamydia to negative and have healed Chlamydia infection well thoroughly.

"Fuyan Pill", another dramatic traditional Chinese medicine, for it is likewise capable to clear away toxic material, kill germs, promote blood circulation, dissolve stasis, strengthen the spleen and promote urination, has an obvious curative effect for the diseases caused by Chlamydia infection and originating in the regions of urine neck, uterus, pelvic cavity, fallopian tube and ovary, including cervicitis, endometritis, endometriosis, endometrium bodiness, pelvic inflammatory disease, pelvic dropsy, salpingitis, tubal blockage, and so on. Clinically, it will be discovered that the result of Chlamydia cultivation proves to be positive before taking "Fuyan Pill", while negative after taking it for 3 months which means the patients have been restored to health thoroughly.

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