Causes and Endangerment of Male Cystitis

Author: Dr. Lee
Time: 2011/4/28 15:51:17

Causes of male cystitis

Cystitis is a kind of common urinary tract infective disease caused by bacterial infection. Its most pathogenic bacteria is escherichia coli.
Male cystitis is rarer than female but with potential severity. It is usually caused by potential urinary tract disease of obstruction or tumor, or other infection spread from urinary tract.

Symptoms of male cystitis

Symptoms of cystitis include urgent and frequent urinate, painful urination, urge urinary incontinence, hematuria, pyuria, nebulous urine with putrid smell, pruritus, burning urination and blood in urine. urgent and frequent urinate of acute cystitis sufferers is particularly evident, with 5-6 times per hour but little urine output or even a few drops, lower abdominal pain while terminal urine, and mild tenderness of suprapubic urethral region. some sufferers have mild low back pain. They have absence of fever and blood leukocytosis, mild or absent constitutional symptom when inflammatory lesions confine to bladder mucosa. Part of them have sense of fatigue.

If men suffer from urinary tract obstruction such as prostatic hypertrophy or bladder stone, foreign body, it抯 easy to result in secondary cystitis. Therefore, these symptoms of cystitis may be secondary symptoms, that is, you may also suffer from other diseases. Even if cystitis is cured, a comprehensive check for other complications is necessary.

Irritation signs of chronic cystitis is long-standing and recurrent but not as severe as acute stage. Small or more amount of pus cells and erythrocytes are in the urine. Many of these patients have a history of acute cystitis with stones, malformation or other obstructive factors, so non-simple cystitis should be further checked for a clear factor and systemic treatment.

Notices for male cystitis sufferers

▪ take more rest and drink more water;
▪ not to take basic drugs to reduce the stimulation of the bladder;
▪ smegma should be washed frequently if men have redundant prepuce;
▪ sometimes, chronic cystitis would recur after treatment, so all kinds of therapy should be repeated;
▪ cleaning can not be ignored; a bath and replacement of underwear are necessary every day before going to bed because skin and underwear would be infected by E.coli after each evacuation.

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