Special Blood Group Bank of International Students Helping the Military World Games

Author: John
Time: 2019/9/23 15:22:15

"I've donated blood four times in China, and I know what I do is to help others!" Dude, a foreign student from Chad, Africa, said proudly. On September 20, in front of the dormitory of No. 5 International Students of Central China Normal University, a large number of foreign students with different skin colors flocked. Here, Wuhan Blood Center set up a temporary blood collection point to recruit blood donors for the "special blood group bank" of the 7th Military World Games.


Dude is a senior student of Law School. Every year, the school organizes blood donation from overseas students. He will raise his sleeve to donate blood. When he heard that this time is to collect blood samples for the Military World Games, dude came as early as possible, and he was the first to be collected the blood samples.

"The school had organized blood donation for foreign students before, but I just helped to prepare for the layout. Today is the first time that I donate blood." Barry, from The Gambia, speaks this in fluent Chinese. He not only participated in the blood sample collection but also was one of the leaders of Foreign Lei Feng, an international student volunteer organization. He was also the caller of the blood sample collection activity. "Twenty-nine people had registered yesterday." After the on-site recruitment of staff of Wuhan Blood Center, more and more foreign students constantly stopped to watch and joined the team of blood sample collection, and finally, they collected 31 blood samples of foreign students.


"The blood groups of Europeans and Americans are different from Chinese. Fya, A2, and KK blood groups, which account for a large proportion of blood groups in Europeans and Americans, are not common in Chinese blood groups. Only through the donation of foreign volunteers can we be prepared for emergencies." Shen Gang, director of blood transfusion Research Office of Wuhan Blood Center, said. 

In order to ensure the emergency blood use of foreign athletes and tourists participating in the Military World Games, the Wuhan Blood Center has established a special blood group bank, which is mainly aimed at the relatively common blood group of foreigners who are rare in the Chinese population.

Volunteers who participated in blood sample collection only needed to collect 10 ml blood samples from two tubes for testing. Volunteers who eventually join the special blood group team should be ready for emergency blood donation at any time during the Military World Games. It is reported that after the collection of these blood samples, the Wuhan Blood Center will call on foreign volunteers with special blood groups to concentrate on blood donation before the opening of the Military World Games to prepare for the guarantee of special blood groups.


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In addition to blood donation, some foreign students in Wuhan have also actively applied to become volunteers in the Military World Games, and plan to participate in the volunteer service of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games in 2022. Abu, a 25-year-old master's student from Tanzania, who is the current captain of the volunteer service team, said that after joining the Foreign Lei Feng volunteer service team for more than two years, although he has more responsibilities on his shoulders, volunteering is more motivated. "I am no longer alone; we have a group of people doing meaningful things."

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