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  disease:Pelvic inflammatory disease
  asker: guest   time: 2011-9-6 15:41:41  reward: 0
  title: Can pelvic inflammatory disease make you miss your period?
sufferer: guest gender: female
age: 34 marriage: yes
Disease detail: I got diagnosed with Pelvic Inflammatory Disease last week. It wasn't caused by an STD mine was caused by a c section I had not too long ago. Bacteria got into my uterus. I was wondering if PID can make you lose your period. What can I take to clear PID up ?
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  reply from Dr:

  answerer: lixiaop  Lee's home
  time: 2011-9-6 21:24:40
Yes ,PID can make you lose your period and you can use the Fuyan pill to cure PID ."Fuyan pill" is a kind of TCM to cure pelvic inflammation. And this medicine has applied for a patent. "Fuyan pill" has the function to clear away heat and toxic material. Actually, after taking this medicine continuously for three months, different kind of bacteria and tubercle bacillus are killed. At the same time, the mycoplasma and chlamydia will also turn negative in three months. And the stated pathological symptoms will be also improved.
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