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  • Six Bad Habits Lead to Decreased Prostate Resistance
    Any bad habits are easy to cause prostatitis diseases, the vulnerable prostate should be paid attention to in daily life, now comes the question, how to take care of the health of prostate?....
    Tags: Prostate Resistance, prostatitis
    Author: john
    Date: 2019/7/13 19:12:22
  • Latest Evidence: Pros and Cons of PSA Screening
    In order to fully evaluate the effectiveness and safety of PSA screening, Professor Ilic from Australia recently updated a systematic review and meta-analysis to include new research data and follow-up data based on the original data. The results showed that the net benefit of PSA screening was small, and doctors and patients should weigh the pros and cons and make a joint decision before screening.....
    Tags: PSA screening, Prostate cancer, Prostatitis
    Author: John
    Date: 2019/1/18 14:18:12