• How Does Cystitis Develop and How to Live Without It?
    Male still are the back-bone of a family without doubt. And with the rapid development of the society, they could face more and more pressure than before which cause them over-loaded and in sub-health status. Meanwhile Male diseases develops.....
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    Date: 2019/8/10 15:34:17
  • Antibiotics Not Effective Against Cystitis? Other Measures Can be Tried
    It contains honeysuckle, houttuynia, gardenia, scutellaria baicalensis, aloes and other herbal ingredients, and is able to achieve diuresis, stranguria-treating, blood circulation promotion and pain relief, with no harm to the body, no drug resistance or side effects.....
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    Date: 2019/5/8 15:57:04
  • Bright Yellow Urine May Suggest Genitourinary Infection
    Urinary tract infection can cause abnormal changes in urine color, including bright yellow urine, pyuria in urine, hematuria and pneumouria. Urethritis is very likely to occur after unsafe sexual intercourse.....
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    Date: 2019/4/26 15:56:47
  • Men Over 45 Should be On Guard Against Cystitis
    By Diuresis and freeing strangury, clearing heat and detoxification, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, the symptoms of frequent urination, urgency and pain while urinating, hematuria, etc.can be eliminated.....
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    Date: 2019/4/16 15:44:23
  • For Postpartum Cystitis, Patients need to Take it with Care
    If the excretion duration of female postpartum lochia is long, and the lochia treatment is not effective, which can easily cause infection of the urethra, it will lead to postpartum Cystitis in women.....
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    Date: 2019/4/8 16:51:53
  • How to Treat Female Hematuria
    When acute Cystitis occurs, the microvessels of the bladder mucosa are damaged, which causes many female patients to develop symptoms of hematuria.....
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    Date: 2019/3/15 13:29:18
  • Medicine to cure interstitial cystitis
    interstitial Cystitis, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill Are you still suffering from the great pain caused by frequency and urgency of urination, or dysuria? Are you still nagged by interstitial Cystitis? If this is a case for you , ple....
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  • Traditional Chinese medicine to cure glandular cystitis
    What is Cystitis, how to treat Cystitis, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, developed by Dr. Lees Clinic with many years of clinical studies and researches, is an effective medicine to cur....
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