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  • Trojan Horse Tactics Enable Chlamydia To Infect Cells
    A novel mechanism has been identified in which chlamydia trachomatis tricks host cells into taking up the bacteria. Researchers from University of California San Francisco, led by Joanne Engel, report their findings in the Open Access journal PLoS Pathogens. Dr. Engel and colleagues show that chlamydia coat themselves with a growth factor made by the cells of the organism they are infecting. This disguise allows the bacteria to infect cells, much like a Trojan horse. Once inside, chlamydia ind....
    Author: John
    Date: 2011/10/10 16:56:32
  • Chlamydia Prostatitis Treatment Has Effective Natural Option
    chlamydia prostatitis, which is a stubbon and intractable disease for male groups, finds its new way out. More and more people tends to choose some natural options to cure chlamydia prostatitis safely and effectively. Moreover, the present herbal medicine like Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is provided with siginificant effects on chlamydia prostatitits treatment with the infection of CT and chlamydia. And the curative effect of those chronic prostatitis treatment is fantastic.  ....
    Author: lixiaop
    Date: 2011/3/4 15:13:00