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  • What Nutrients Beneficial to Cystitis Treatment?
    In daily life, although female is the high risk group of Cystitis, this disease can also occur in man, and the main cause can be the unclean perineum, which mainly refers to the retrograde urine carrying germs can cause infection. So, what we need to do with Cystitis treatment? What nutrients beneficial to Cystitis treatment?....
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    Author: John
    Date: 2016/8/16 11:26:09
  • Caution To The Taboos About Diet And Exercise Of Cystitis
    The Cystitis is the most common type of disease of the diseases in urinary system, which is characterized by frequent urine and urgent urinating and etc. These plaguing symptoms can have a directly adverse impact on patients lives. Hence a timely treatment is highly necessary to secure a healthy life. In the course of treatment of the disease, extra attention should be paid besides a correct dosage of medicine so as to ensure a desirable curative effect, in addition , however, the restricted diet and exercise are indispensable in the course of treatment according to the regimen of traditional Chinese medicine.....
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    Date: 2016/7/13 13:50:13
  • 7 Symptoms Indicate Prostatitis May Infect Cystitis
    We know that males reproductive system and urinary system share the same organs - the terminal segment of male urethra. By reason of this, inflammation in these two systems will infect each other. So, for some patients with prostatitis, its essential to alert these 7 symptoms in prevention for Cystitis caused by prostate diseases.....
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    Date: 2016/6/27 13:26:19
  • The causes of blood in urine
    Although the amount of blood in the urine may be different, the types of conditions that can cause the problem are the same, and require the same kind of workup or evaluation.....
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    Date: 2016/1/21 11:12:42
  • Wearing Tight Trousers Often? You May Get Chronic Cystitis
    So many stars like wearing tight trousers, it seems as if you are not fashionable once you dont wear like this. So many young men follow the fashion and wear tight trousers, but when doctors see this, they will say No. A professor in urology said, one sequela of following this fashion is getting infected by Cystitis caused by too muggy inside trousers.....
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    Date: 2015/11/30 14:49:24
  • Taboos and Healthy Diet for Interstitial Cystitis
    when patients are busy finding suitable treatments for interstitial Cystitis, it is suggested to pay close attention to the daily diet that plays an important role in curing interstitial Cystitis....
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    Date: 2014/9/30 14:43:30
  • In addition to surgery treatment, drug and diet treatments are also effective for cystitis
    Cystitis, a urinary tract infection, is commonly caused by bacteria infection. When suffering from this disease, a lot of women choose the surgery treatment in order to keep away from the painful symptoms as soon as possible. However, due to the huge damage and the high recurrence of the surgery, it isn’t the suitable treatment for this disease. In fact, in addition to surgery treatment, there are some other effective treatments for Cystitis.....
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    Date: 2014/9/13 10:34:45
  • The sound diet for urocystitis
    As a common urinary tract infection, uroCystitis can be treated by antibiotics or TCM like diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill. Meanwhile, the sound diet for uroCystitis has become the focus that many patients pay close attention to.....
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    Date: 2014/9/6 12:10:27
  • Three Folk dietary formulas for female chronic cystitis
    Although men and women both can be invaded by chronic Cystitis, this condition is prone to women, because women’s urethra is shorter and the urethral orifice is closer to anus. Therefore, most of the victims are women. Today, I would love to recommend three folk dietary formulas for women to relieve their symptoms.....
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    Date: 2014/9/1 11:08:21
  • Attention: interstitial cystitis are hard to get completely cure with intravesical therapy
    In clinic, intravesical therapy has been widely used in the treatment of interstitial Cystitis. However, at present, a lot of people appear the symptoms of urinary frequency and urgency after the infusion. For this reason, many people doubt that whether interstitial Cystitis can be cured with intravesical therapy.....
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    Author: John
    Date: 2014/8/27 11:18:44