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  • best treatment of prostatitis
    Showing those symptoms such as frequent urination, urgent urination, fever, lower back pain, pain in the penis and so on in men, Prostatitis is considered as one the most annoying condition of men. Due to the urinary symptoms impacts the daily life greatly, this condition needs to be cured timely.....
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    Author: lixiaop
    Date: 2015/11/19 9:34:04
  • Can Premature Ejaculation Be A Sign of Prostatitis?
    Premature ejaculation seems more and more common in males. Premature ejaculation (PE) has become a serious problem in males life, especially a big problem in their sexual life. If a man is suffering from ejaculation for a long time, both him and his sex partner could hardly enjoy their sex procedure.....
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    Author: John
    Date: 2015/11/13 13:51:34
  • 5 Natural remedies for prostatitis
    A large number of Prostatitis can be eliminated as long as this condition can be cured properly and timely. However, if this condition cannot be cured timely or properly, it would relapse and develop into nonbacteial Prostatitis type. Therefore, patients with Prostatitis should accept timely treatment if possible. If they cannot, it is also necessary for them to learn some natural remedies to stop the aggravation or to quicken the recovery speed.....
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    Date: 2015/11/6 17:23:25
  • prostatitis in teenagers
    Prostatitis is a common adult condition on men who are 20 to 40 year-old. However, the Prostatitis is more common to see on teenagers. Symptoms like urgent urination, frequent urination and burning urination bring so many troubles to teenagers on class and life. But why teenager can also affect the Prostatitis? Isn’t the Prostatitis a condition can only be affected by adult?....
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    Date: 2015/10/28 14:10:54
  • Chinese Herb Medicine Cure Chronic Prostatitis
    Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can help you recover from chronic Prostatitis in a totally natural way!....
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    Date: 2015/10/28 14:02:06
  • Tips of taking antibiotics on curing prostatitis
    Prostatitis is a condition refers to inflammation on the prostate gland. This condition has four types: acute bacterial Prostatitis, chronic bacterial Prostatitis, chronic non-bacterial Prostatitis and chronic prostate pain syndrome.....
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    Date: 2015/10/9 10:13:53
  • Foods that help you Reduce Inflammation
    There is an old saying, you are what you eat. The foods in our daily life play an important role. Some foods that we eat may help you keep fit and prevent you away from some diseases, while some foods may make your condition worse. Also foods are important when managing inflammation. There are many foods have anti-inflammatory functions.....
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    Date: 2015/9/25 11:04:06
  • Naturopathy for Prostatitis: Prostate Massage
    Prostatitis is a so common disease of reproductive system that a great number of men have been suffered from the pain that Prostatitis brings to them. In addition to taking medicines like antibiotics or Chinese herbal medicine, many patients would like to find some natural remedies to cure the disease.....
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    Date: 2014/9/22 10:55:29
  • Folk prescription of prostatitis-apple vinegar
    When apple juice has the process of concentration and fermentation, it turns out apple vinegar which is also rich in nutrient substances like amino acid and acetic acid. Therefore, with the function of promoting metabolic capability, apple vinegar is available for Prostatitis patients to eliminate inflammation. It is suggested Prostatitis patients drink one or two cups of apple vinegar every day.....
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    Date: 2014/9/4 10:52:07
  • Can prostatitis cause Bearing-down pain of testicle?
    As an important reproductive organ, testicle is likely to have many symptoms like swelling and paining, while Prostatitis is also a common disease for males and can cause some symptoms. However, when diagnosed Prostatitis, can patients feel bearing-down pain of testicle?....
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    Author: John
    Date: 2014/9/3 15:57:11