WHO Officially Named the Novel Coronavirus COVID-19

Author: John
Time: 2020/2/12 9:52:26

On Feb 12(SGT), WHO director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus (Tuesday) announced that the new coronavirus would be officially named COVID-19.

At the international conference in Geneva, WHO director-general Tan Desai announced that the current outbreak of the new coronavirus is officially named COVID-19, which will replace the more widely circulated name 2019-nCoV.

Many people do not understand the meaning of the name, WHO and director-general Tan Desai also made an explanation on this issue. For the naming of COVID-19, this is based on the new naming method determined in 2015. Co stands for corona, VI stands for the virus, D stands for disease, 19 stands for year, and this is at the end of 2019, so the new naming is COVID-19.

Before the naming, director-general Tan Desai said that the naming of the new virus should avoid discriminatory information such as country name or place name. He said the name was chosen to avoid referring to specific geographical locations, animal species, and populations, in line with international recommendations to avoid stigmatization.

In this regard, WHO has repeatedly warned that people infected with the virus, rather than cold numbers, should not use discriminatory languages.

Prior to the new naming rules in 2015, the MERS Middle East respiratory syndrome was also a new coronavirus. Its name was regional, but it was named in 2013 by the WHO. The name has also caused controversy, and these controversies have led to a new naming rule that no longer uses regional vocabulary.

Tan Desai also said that the first batch of vaccine might be obtained within 18 months, so all actions must be taken at present: "experts are developing a vaccine against COVID-19 virus, which is expected to be available within 18 months at the earliest, so people can only use the existing methods to deal with the situation at present."

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