What Kind of Diet Can Have Rapid Effects on Sperm Quality

Author: John
Time: 2020/1/2 15:08:06

Scholars have carried out a lot of research on diet and sperm quality. However, unlike many people's imagination, the foods that have been proved to affect sperm quality are not several, but several types.

1. Alcoholic drinks


As early as 1991, it was found that with the increase of alcohol dosage, the number of penile erections induced by morphine was gradually inhibited. Some researchers fed alcohol to adolescent rats until they reached adulthood and found that their sexual ability was significantly affected.

Only 22% of the rats could achieve ejaculation, and their fertility was also significantly reduced. Long term intake of alcohol will lead to an increase of oxidative stress level in testis and the damage of the reproductive system.

2. High-fat food


Many animal experiments showed that after high-fat diet, semen volume, sperm motility, abnormal sperm ratio and DNA fragmentation index had significant changes. Some researchers fed New Zealand rabbits with a high cholesterol diet for 11 months. At 4 months, the proportion of cholesterol components in the sperm cell membrane changed and the quality of semen was damaged.

It was found that compared with the normal diet group, the apoptosis level of testicular germ cells in the high-fat diet group was significantly higher. At the same time, high-fat food causes obesity, and epidemiological studies have found that high body fat rate itself will reduce the fertility of men.

Common high-fat foods include:

Fried food, fat meat, cream products, and crispy biscuits, cookies, pies, cakes and other high-fat baked food. Of course, eating these foods is not only harmful to reproductive capacity but also increases the risk of many chronic diseases.

3. Foods rich in artificial trans fatty acids


In the recent ten years, many studies show that the more artificial trans fatty acids are eaten, the less sperm concentration and total sperm count, the lower sperm quality, and the higher incidence of asthenospermia. Analysis of semen samples from infertile men showed that trans fatty acids in the body were related to the reduction of sperm density.

Other studies have found that the more trans fatty acids you eat, the less sperm you have in healthy men. The food sources of artificial trans fatty acids include margarine, pie, egg tarts, crispy biscuits, crispy bread, sweet milk tea, etc. Nonhydrogenated vegetable oils can also produce a small number of trans fatty acids after long frying. Of course, even if there is no trans fatty acid, these foods are also the representatives of high fat, high sugar and high calories. It's better to eat less.

4. Food containing toxic substances


In fact, many delicious foods contain trace amounts of toxic substances. For example, in barbecue and fried food, there are inevitably polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, heterocyclic amines, and acrylamide, which have been proved to have reproductive toxicity.

Therefore, for the health of future generations, we should eat less fried and smoked food. For example, if you eat less barbecue and bacon, it's delicious to eat stew instead. The content of harmful substances will be much lower. On the other hand, bisphenol A, dioxins, PCBs and other environmental hormone active substances in plastic products will also reduce male fertility.

In addition, pesticide residues on vegetables and fruits also cause great damage to sperm. According to the report published in the Journal of human reproduction, the total number of sperm collected by men who ingested vegetables and fruits with high pesticide residue and low pesticide residue was 86 million and 171 million respectively, and the difference between the two groups was 49%.

Therefore, choosing food produced in a good environment and avoiding smoking, baking and frying in cooking are conducive to fertility. Of course, in addition to the four types of food mentioned above, unhealthy lifestyles such as smoking, obesity and staying up late are also damaging males' sperm.


A study in the Journal of sleep research found that lack of sleep can reduce the integrity of DNA in sperm; an experimental animal study published in the Journal of immunology frontier showed that obesity caused by high-fat diet could increase the inflammatory response of hypothalamus, and the level of male-related hormone decreased by nearly 50%.

In fact, this result is very understandable - the healthier and more energetic a man's body is, the stronger his fertility will be. The same is true for women. Therefore, if you want to be a parent, you must first improve your health. Epigenetic research has found that parents' physical condition, eating habits and other characteristics can even affect the health quality of the third generation or even more generations.

So if men want to improve sperm quality or their life quality, it's better to change all kinds of bad habits and live a healthy diet! For example, men who often eat processed meat products will be weaker than those who do not, and they can often eat fresh beef or seafood instead. Full-fat dairy products can be replaced by low-fat dairy products since low-fat dairy products can promote sperm vitality and enhance sperm quality.

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