What Are Natural Antibiotics?

Author: John
Time: 2020/1/20 11:06:00


Natural antibiotics are natural substances with antibacterial properties, including plant extracts and natural minerals. Many traditional Chinese medicine(TCM) herbalists and doctors think that it is important to replace antibiotics with natural therapy, mainly because these natural antibiotics can avoid bacterial resistance caused by conventional chemical antibiotics.

The most famous natural antibiotics include garlic, vitamin C, and colloidal silver. Garlic has been used as a natural antibiotic for many years. Garlic was also used in the first World War to treat open wounds and is known for its ability to prevent infection. Many people also use it to treat mild ear and throat infections. Garlic is similar to penicillin in its properties and even kills resistant bacteria.

Garlic can also resist fungal infection, and it can work against candidiasis, athlete's foot, vaginal infection and most of the pathogenic fungi. Moreover, garlic extract can destroy some viruses, such as those related to fever, blisters, genital scars caused by blocked fallopian tubes, common cold, smallpox and influenza.

Large doses of vitamin C can also be used as natural antibiotics to treat many types of infections, including AIDS. It is also used to treat polio, tetanus, pertussis and diphtheria. The antibacterial properties of vitamin C may be related to its function in producing white blood cells (bacteria that attack blood).

Colloidal silver is a solution of fine silver particles. The common use of silver is as a water filter agent, so it is often impregnated with silver can inhibit bacterial growth. Some researchers believe that this antibacterial property of silver may be related to its ability to disrupt the enzyme system of many bacteria.

Citridal is a natural antibiotic extracted from grapefruit seeds. It was first identified in 1976 by Dr. Louis parish as a natural antibiotic. Parish found that it inhibited not only the growth of bacteria but also some fungi and viruses. Citridal is sometimes used by campers as an additive in clean drinking water. Another application is to treat diaper rash in infants.

Although many researchers support the use of natural antibiotics, there is not much money to invest in this field because their efficacy is usually much smaller than that of Western medicine.

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